• Algorithmic Trading Solutions
    An end-to-end, plug and play, high performance FX algorithmic trading platform


Multi-venue, multi-broker low latency trading platform with full book visibility. Advanced analytics and risk management for hundreds of concurrent strategies with individual P&L tracking.

Hedge Funds

Trading platforms in a hosted, cross-connected environment. Test and evaluate new trading strategies quickly and at a very low marginal cost.


Customize, deploy and operate a complete white label trading environment. Differentiate and add value with our state-of-the -art API for algorithmic traders.


Customized solutions to algorithmically manage access to liquidity and hedge FX/currency exposure. Save millions a year in hedging costs.

ACT: Arthika's Algorithmic Currency Trading Platform

A complete, end-to-end, plug and play platform that enables traders to develop, execute, monitor and analyze complex algorithmic trading strategies with a very low time to market.

A scalable, state-of-the-art low-latency architecture

FIX and trading API servers connected through a proprietary high performance bus. [More...].

High performance and focus on execution

Real-time, continuous, detailed and systematic performance logging and analysis.[More...].

Real time risk management

Mark to market values of open positions at all levels. [More...].

Liquidity access and management

Arthika’s ACT platform connects to FIX interfaces provided by all major venues in the market. [More...].

Flexible, full accounting model

Reconciles trading activity, cash and exposures with the prime broker’s back office accounting. [More...].

Powerful yet easy to use API

C-Language API for hosted strategies or multi-language, mobile ready, state-of-the-art REST API. [More...].

Advanced backtesting and analytics

Real time logging of full book real time ticks, exposures, and orders. [More...].

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Darwinex ACT Login

Direct access for Darwinex customers with an ACT account.

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ACT Manual

Basic system documentation, core concepts and data model.

ACT Manual

REST API Reference

REST API Reference manuals, tutorials and examples:

REST API Reference

ACT API Technology Overview

State of the art, high performance, open and mobile-ready RESTful API

Powerful & Flexible

Delivers the full power of a FIX connection on a multi-language RESTful or Hosted C API.

Full book

Full-book, disaggregated pricing, detailing orders at each price level.


More than 200 indicators can be streamed on-demand


Supports multiple strategies compounded over the same margin account.

Low latency

Fast, sub-millisecond FIX-connected execution engine. Contact us for hosted accounts with even lower latencies..

Mobile Phone Trading App


Well-documented, GitHub-hosted source code snippet and trading examples respositories

Well supported

By quant traders and top-notch programmers


A standards-based approach to trading technology development.

Mobile Ready

Project templates speed-up third party mobile trading App development.


Wrappers provided for a growing pool of programming languages.

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REST API users can request the streaming of more than 200 indicators:

Vector Ceil

Vector Floor

Vector Trigonometric Cos

Vector Trigonometric Cosh

Vector Trigonometric Sin

Vector Trigonometric Sinh

Vector Trigonometric Tan

Vector Trigonometric Tanh

Vector Trigonometric ACos

Vector Trigonometric ASin

Vector Trigonometric ATan

Vector Arithmetic Exp

Vector Square Root

Vector Log Natural

Vector Log10

Hilbert - Dominant Cycle Period

Hilbert - Dominant Cycle Phase

Hilbert - Phasor Components

Hilbert - SineWave

Hilbert - Instantaneous Trendline

Hilbert - Trend vs Cycle Mode

Absolute Price Oscillator

Percentage Price Oscillator

Aroon Oscillator

Chaikin A/D Oscillator

Chande Momentum Oscillator

Ultimate Oscillator

Bollinger Bands

Moving Average Convergence/Divergence


Stochastic Fast

Stochastic Relative Strength Index


Chaikin A/D Line

Average Directional Movement Index

Average Directional Movement Index Rating

Average True Range

Balance Of Power

Commodity Channel Index

Highest value over a specified period

MidPoint over period

Midpoint price over period

Lowest value over a specified period

Moving Average

Simple Moving Average

Exponential Moving Average

Double Exponential Moving Average

Triple Exponential Moving Average

Kaufman Adaptive Moving Average

MESA Adaptive Moving Average

Triangular Moving Average

Weighted Moving Average

Triple Exponential Moving Average (T3)

Two Crows
Three Black Crows
Three Inside Up/Down
Three-Line Strike
Three Outside Up/Down
Three Stars In The South
Three Advancing White Soldiers
Abandoned Baby
Advance Block
Closing Marubozu
Concealing Baby Swallow
Dark Cloud Cover
Doji Star
Dragonfly Doji
Engulfing Pattern
Evening Doji Star
Up/Down-gap side-by-side white lines

Gravestone Doji
Hanging Man 
Harami Pattern
Harami Cross Pattern
High-Wave Candle
Hikkake Pattern
Modified Hikkake Pattern
Homing Pigeon
Identical Three Crows
In-Neck Pattern
Inverted Hammer
Kicking - bull/bear determined by the longer marubozu
Ladder Bottom
Long Legged Doji
Long Line Candle
Matching Low
Mat Hold

Morning Doji Star
Morning Star
On-Neck Pattern
Piercing Pattern
Rickshaw Man
Rising/Falling Three Methods
Separating Lines
Shooting Star
Short Line Candle
Spinning Top
Stalled Pattern
Stick Sandwich
Takuri (Dragonfly Doji with very long lower shadow)
Tasuki Gap
Thrusting Pattern
Tristar Pattern
Unique 3 River
Upside Gap Two Crows
Upside/Downside Gap Three Methods